#5-Bundle Strikeman Pro
#5-Bundle Strikeman Pro
#5-Bundle Strikeman Pro
#5-Bundle Strikeman Pro

#5-Bundle Strikeman Pro

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#Strikeman Pro is a #laserdry-fire training system that allows you to practice your shooting skills without the need for live ammunition. Traditional shooting practice is expensive. Now you no longer need to pay for range fees and ammunition to improve your accuracy. Strikeman allows you to develop your shot safely at a much lower cost, with live feedback, and accuracy metrics in our app that show your progress with every session.

Most misses come from the first and last shot. This Bundle was created with that in mind. The 5-Bundle allows you to practice and collect data on your first and last shot of each pistol. The intention is the shooter will put two cartridges into each cylinder. One for the first and last shot. This allows you to collect data for the first shot and last shot of each pistol. Using the shot timer in the APP, you can easily work on time and accuracy with every practice session. the 5th cartridge allows you to use your rifle during the practice session.

Practicing Features:

  • Practice drills to increase speed and accuracy.
  • Improve your accuracy 
  • Shot speed: Decrease the amount of time to draw and fire your firearm with a built in timer.
  • Beat Your personal records: Strikeman keeps you engaged and helps you track progress across a variety of metrics.

You will receive:

  • 5 Laser Cartridges
  • 1 targets 
  • phone tripod
  • access to the APP

Prop 65 Warning