About Coyote

I, Coyote Carson joined Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) days after my first match in February 2011. While riding shotgun with Badman Bob, I fell in love with the sport, the competition, and the like minded compassionate people. Six months in, I won my first buckle at Rail Head held in Williams, AZ. Like everyone who begins the sport of action shooting I quickly began the journey of purchasing the equipment needed to compete. I ran all over town and to every sporting goods store within 100 miles. Shopping for equipment and components was inconvenient and hard to find to say the least. This led me to begin selling the very basic components… bullets, and shot to fellow action shooters, and thus Coyote’s Mercantile was born. The Mercantile has grown quickly and now includes all reloading components needed for a day at the range or for the serious competitor. Coyote’s Mercantile mission is simple… provide the very best competition equipment, and reloading components to every competitor.

Shooter… Load’Em Up!! 

Coyote Carson’s accomplishments:

  • 2023 California Overall Champion, 49er Champion & Top 16 Shoot-off Champion
  • 2023 Nevada Overall Champion, 49er Champion
  • 2023 Western Regional Overall Champion, 49er Champion
  • 2022 SASS California State 49er Champion
  • 2022 Western Regional 49'er Champion
  • 2021 SASS California State 49er Champion
  • 2021 Western Regional 49'er Champion
  • 2020 SASS California State 49'er Champion
  • 2018 SASS Western Regional Overall Champion and 49er. 
  • 2018 Western Divisional 49'er Champion.
  • 2016 SASS Western Regional 49er Champion
  • 2016 Western Divisional 49'er Championship. 
  • 2015 SASS California State 49er Champion
  • 2015 West Coast Regional 49er Championship. 
  • 2014 SASS California State Wrangler Champion.