New Slix-Shot black powder nipples are made from 416 stainless steel and designed to increase ignition performance and reliability. Nipples have an enlarged chamber leading to the flash hole, allowing for a hotter spark. Stainless construction prevents rust corrosion.

Slix Nipples

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SliXshot Nipples give Better Ignition and Reliability in your Percussion Revolvers

Looking for a high-quality upgrade for your percussion revolver? Look no further than the SliX-Shot Black Powder Nipples. These top-of-the-line nipples are crafted from premium-grade 416 stainless steel, giving you unparalleled durability and corrosion resistance.

But that's not the only benefit you'll enjoy with these nipples. They're also expertly designed to maximize ignition performance and reliability, thanks to an enlarged chamber that leads to the flash hole. This innovative design allows for a hotter spark and more consistent ignition, even in the toughest conditions.

Whether you're shooting a Remington, Uberti, Pietta, Ruger Old Army, Walker, or Dragoon percussion revolver, SliX-Shot has you covered. These nipples are available in .36, .44, and .45 caliber, and are compatible with most CCI #11 and #11 Magnum caps, as well as Remington #10 caps.

Upgrade your pistol's performance and reliability today with SliX-Shot Black Powder Nipples - the ultimate choice for discerning shooters and collectors.


Compliment your upgrade with our SliX-Hand loading assist lever. SliX Hand Lever Assist for Reloading Black Powder Revolvers

  • Uberti: 12-28 x .200" threads.
  • Ruger: 12-28 x .250" threads.
  • Pietta: 6m x .75m x .200" threads.
  • Walker & Dragoon: by Uberti  1/4" x 28 x .215" threads.
  • Will NOT work on 5 shot Pocket Pistols
  • SOLD PER 6


Made in USA

Prop 65 Warning